Skylarks Model Flying Group have a dedicated flying field at the rear of Cottismore Garden Centre just off the A339 between Headley and Kingsclere. (see here for directions)

We are in an envious position to be able to fly the following at our field

  • Electric and I/C Fixed Wing airplanes
  • Ducted fan and jet powered fixed wing (Not currently at weekends
  • Electric, I/C and jet helicopters
  • Gliders including electric motor assisted

Note, we no longer have the ability to fly Multi Rotor aircraft at the field. We are looking for an alternative solution but at this time, we cannot accommodate anyone wishing to fly them.

With a range of abilities from Class B examiner down to people new to the hobby learning on a buddy box (it’s like joint controls in a car) we are sure that you will find someone with a passion for the same area of the hobby as yourself.